Lagoon Pool and Flumes Closure:

Unfortunately our Lagoon Pool and Flumes are closed today. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Bookings and Bookings Cancellations Policy

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2022


  • Bookings can be made in person, by phone, email or online via the website or app.
  • Can be made online up to 7 days in advance from 07:00hrs.
  • Can be made by telephone or in person (subject to availability) 7 days in advance from 07:00hrs.
  • Customers will need their membership or booking number in order to make a booking.
  • To receive a booking number, customers can register free of charge online or attend their chosen Centre in person to complete a short application form.
  • 14 and 15 year olds are permitted to participate in Aqua classes under the supervision of a responsible adult. For all other workout classes, permission must be gained from the Centre Manager.
  • You must attend all classes/activities that are booked to ensure you don’t receive a strike. You must ensure you have swiped in at reception/gates a maximum of 180 minutes before the class starts to register your attendance.


  • Cancellations can be made in person, by phone, email or online via the website or app.
  • All Classes/Activities (for which a fee is applicable) should be paid for at the time of booking. In exceptional cases payment within 24 hours may be permitted by the Centre Manager.
  • Classes/Activities may be cancelled up to 4 hours before the start of the class/activity. Any cancellation in the 4 hour period before a class starts will be given a strike.
  • All customers failing to cancel a booking within the defined cancellation period, or failing to attend a pre-booked activity will be given a strike.
  • If you have not registered your attendance for the class/activity, you will be given a strike. You must attend all classes/activities and registered your attendance a maximum of 180 minutes before the class/activity starts.
  • Strikes will sit active on your account for 90 days. After 90 days the strike will be removed from your account.
  • Once you accumulate 3 active strikes, you will be banned from booking for 7 days into any classes/activities. This will include booking online and in person.
  • Once you have finished the period of your booking ban, your booking privileges will be restored and you will resume with Zero strikes.
  • Customers with payments outstanding will NOT be permitted to book/attend activities until the outstanding payment has been cleared.
  • Booking customers cancelling in line with this cancellation policy will receive a credit which can be redeemed against future purchases.

Age Restrictions

The below information will demonstrate the age restrictions of our activities*.

  • Gym – Participants must be 12 and over.
  • Swimming – No age restriction.
  • Classes - Participants must be 16 and over.

*Age restrictions may differ per location so please check with the centre before visiting to avoid disappointment.